copyrighted copywriter.

For the past few weeks I’ve been working on a book. Actually, it’s more like a booklet  (because of Curb Your Enthusiasm I feel obligated to mention that). I decided to upgrade my internship to get Honors credit instead of one of my other classes this semester. That means that I have to do some sort of final project based on all the things I’ve learned working with Brownstein Group as opposed to just writing an extra paper for another class. People looked at me like I was crazy when I said I was going that route, and maybe I am a little bit, but now I’m a semi-published crazy person! Truly frightening.

Every marketing class I’ve ever taken has been the same situation: a professor showing slides of words you will have to memorize and later recognize in order to circle A, B, C or D on a test. I don’t do well on said tests. For example, in my Marketing Communications class last spring my professor gave us a sequence of 7 words to describe the creative process that copywriters use. What? How could this possibly help me in the future? Oh, you say I first have to brainstorm and THEN I implement a plan? I never would have thought of that. Thank you, $2200 class.

Not that I’m bitter or anything.. I seriously love my school and the Professional Communication program, I guess that’s why I’m embarking on a project with a little more ambition. I wanted to stress that while the creative process is different for everyone, it’s also more than just a few words in a textbook, and much more fun. For my capstone project next year I plan to turn this book into a series of ProCreate books. I hope to talk to illustrators, graphic designers, web designers, etc. to explain their creative process in a way that can be understood and enjoyable for everyone. Then I’ll do all that branding and advertising my textbooks teach me to do so well.

In the mean time, Volume I, ProCreate (for copywriters): the professional explanation of the creative process without the professional explanation by Madeline Le Sage is going to be for sale online. The critics have given me rave reviews. It will probably be my Dad’s favorite book of 2010.

the professional ex…
By Madeline Le Sage


2 responses to “copyrighted copywriter.

  1. Joan Bornemann

    Publishing your book(let) on St. Paddy’s feast day was definitely a smart move 🙂 May the Luck of the Irish be with ye 🙂

  2. How much of the royalties will mommy & daddy see??? We love your blog and you idea for the book.

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