far far away

Kia Ora, Greetings from Wellington! It’s dreadfully rainy and cold but I couldn’t be happier. So far Ed and I have been attempting to make our little nest as cozy as possible. That includes cooking wonderful dinners, drinking approximately 13 litres of juice to date, eating chocolate and lollies, and watching all of the movies that make me happy because I’m way better at complaining than he is.

And then I’ve been spending a lot of my time doing my online summer class. It’s basically an online book club where I don’t know any of the people and have never heard of any of the books. And we actually have to read and discuss the books instead of just gossip about the neighborhood and drink wine spritzers. And because I don’t know any of the people personally I can say here that it’s high-larious. It’s a forum filled with students trying to out-intellectualize whoever posted before them. I wish I could re-post some of the things that have been said here, but I think that goes against some sort of book club code. I’ll probably give in eventually though.
Also, my independent study has officially launched. I’m doing it on things that don’t need to be said on this blog because it’s truly above and beyond all the other nerdy things I do. But I have a blog tracking my progress with it. And no I won’t post it here..I couldn’t handle the taunting. I’ll probably give in eventually though.

We saw a great movie yesterday in town. It’s called Boy and it’s set in New Zealand in 1984 and it’s… you’re probably losing interest in my description since you’ve seen the familiar youtube box under this so so here’s the trailer:

…plus there’s a mashup of thriller/the haka at the end. I wish I was in charge of the Oscars.

Ka kite ano.


One response to “far far away

  1. OMG. BOY looks amazing. I must see it. I could actually hear you laughing at the ridiculous parts. It’s done.

    Also, I miss Welly and I love the picture of the mountain and the coffee (espressoholic??)

    AHHHH! I miss you and am SO jealous you are there. Have a sweet as time, girl!

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