short white.

So today we were at Bristol watching the Lakers/Celtics game (purely coincidental that we were there, I won’t pretend like I care about bball). I was wondering why the hell this game was even on in a Wellington bar. Apparently people here like basketball and the New Zealand team is even kind of good. I thought to myself, wow that’s actually pretty neat…but alas, I should have stopped there. I made the mistake of asking the team name. Now, we already have the All Blacks (rugby) and All Whites (soccer), so clearly the basketball team are called the, wait for it, the Tall Blacks. Um, excuse me, what? Don’t believe me? You probably shouldn’t because it’s so unbelievable. But quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. How is that okay? Follow up: will they ever be invited to play in America with a name like that? Sub-follow up: Did basketball just become ironic?


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