age old question.

One of my birthday pressies from Ed was a ticket to see Black Rebel Motorcycle Club this past weekend. I was pretty pumped seeing as they’re one of my favorite bands, and apparently so was the rest of Wellington. San Fran Bath House was slightly overbooked. I’ve never seen so many people in such a tiny room, and experienced such loud tones, but hey, that’s bloody rock and roll.

Here’s a picture I took up front. Nice right? Perfect spot. Could almost feel the sweat dripping off of them on to us.

And then here’s one from about two minutes later…

Sometimes I forget that I’m roughly the size of a 12 year old. Nearly lost my glasses, shoes and consciousness in a spontaneous mosh pit. Silly people.

Complaining about crowd sizes, noise and disrespectful youth. Did I just turn 21 or 61?


One response to “age old question.

  1. AHHHH that band is AWESOME. So jealous. And you got to see them in Welly!!

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