i’m not dead yet.

Yes, it’s been a while, but life’s been pretty hectic. This is actually the last thing I should be doing right now, as my last final is tomorrow and I’ve yet to make an indent in my french book. BUT, I just had a thought (Carrie Bradshaw style)…

Truman Capote hated Jack Kerouac hated Frank O’Hara hated Vachel Lindsay hated himself.

Straight up vicious… Perhaps why all the first generation hipsters died out? Either that or a meteor. But don’t worry, I hear you can find the aging hipsters clinging to life and Coltrane records in the Galapagos.

Promise I’ll be back soon with a revelation that someone other than myself will care about.
Also, I leave for New Zealand in 11 days. Say whaaaat?


copyrighted copywriter.

For the past few weeks I’ve been working on a book. Actually, it’s more like a booklet  (because of Curb Your Enthusiasm I feel obligated to mention that). I decided to upgrade my internship to get Honors credit instead of one of my other classes this semester. That means that I have to do some sort of final project based on all the things I’ve learned working with Brownstein Group as opposed to just writing an extra paper for another class. People looked at me like I was crazy when I said I was going that route, and maybe I am a little bit, but now I’m a semi-published crazy person! Truly frightening.

Every marketing class I’ve ever taken has been the same situation: a professor showing slides of words you will have to memorize and later recognize in order to circle A, B, C or D on a test. I don’t do well on said tests. For example, in my Marketing Communications class last spring my professor gave us a sequence of 7 words to describe the creative process that copywriters use. What? How could this possibly help me in the future? Oh, you say I first have to brainstorm and THEN I implement a plan? I never would have thought of that. Thank you, $2200 class.

Not that I’m bitter or anything.. I seriously love my school and the Professional Communication program, I guess that’s why I’m embarking on a project with a little more ambition. I wanted to stress that while the creative process is different for everyone, it’s also more than just a few words in a textbook, and much more fun. For my capstone project next year I plan to turn this book into a series of ProCreate books. I hope to talk to illustrators, graphic designers, web designers, etc. to explain their creative process in a way that can be understood and enjoyable for everyone. Then I’ll do all that branding and advertising my textbooks teach me to do so well.

In the mean time, Volume I, ProCreate (for copywriters): the professional explanation of the creative process without the professional explanation by Madeline Le Sage is going to be for sale online. The critics have given me rave reviews. It will probably be my Dad’s favorite book of 2010.

the professional ex…
By Madeline Le Sage

who wants to be on my team?

This September 4th is going to be a glorious day, for the gods of day-drinking are smiling upon Philadelphia once more.


snowball’s chance in germany

One of the best ad agencies of all time is apparently even cooler than I thought (no pun intended). DDB’s branch in Berlin teamed up with the energy company ENTEGA to stage a climate change awareness demonstration. With snowmen! 800 snowmen! This is mere speculation based on the fact that the website promoting the event was entirely in German and I don’t sprekenzie all that well.  But as they melted, it was to remind people that, I guess, we could all some day metaphorically be those snowmen? Ok it’s not brilliant, but it was pretty damn cool (I need to stop using that word).

And speaking of DDB, I found out that there’s a coffee table book about my favorite ad campaign of all time. I would be excited regardless because I LOVE coffee table books, but one filled with all the old VW ad’s from the 60’s? Be still, my heart: http://www.greatvwads.com/

So simple. So clever. So wouldn’t work today. So sigh.

hall of shame.

Don’t even get me started.

what a way to make a livin.

Just call me Dolly Parton, because I’m workin’ 9 to 5. I won’t have a day off from now until May, but I like to tell myself it’ll be worth it in the long run. The only thing I’ve been doing lately in my free time anyway is watching the Winter Olympics and getting emotional anytime anyone falls, so I’ve come to the conclusion that free time is overrated. I say that now, but I’m only a week into this bizarre schedule, so check back in a few days when I’m pulling my hair out.

In case your detective skills didn’t pick up on my current state of being…I got a job! Pretty much every daylight hour that I’m not in class or here at my internship, I am now delivering flowers to the greater Philadelphia area. I may or may not secretly be doing this to up my self-esteem because who isn’t happy to see a person at their door with flowers?  But it’s mainly for the mean paycheck. I say that now, but check back in a few days when there are no new entries because I have been kidnapped.

But this way, I’ll have no worries all summer long getting my life back in New Zealand, the planets will align, etc. etc. And I’ll leave future Maddie to deal with life in the fall.

sound it out.

It’s difficult to pick which music to listen to while at work. When the ideas are flowing rapid-fire I like to keep it with something upbeat and exciting. In those pesky contemplative moments, something soothing yet repetitive. And those who am I kidding, I’m a terrible writer and should put this pipe dream aside and just go to cosmetology school moments, I listen to something weird and interesting to remind myself that I’m a creative type and couldn’t tell you how the hell to use any type of makeup that doesn’t include an eyeliner pencil that hasn’t been sharp since 2008.

But for right now I can’t stop loving on this song from Hot Chip’s new album One Life Stand.